The Fisherman's Catch Toy

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Our Fisherman's Catch Catnip Toy is a purr-fect interactive playmate for your beloved felines! The adorable toy is stuffed with catnip that will have your cats hooked on playing! Easy to grab by either the tail or the head, making it a challenging game of tug-o’-war with your cat.

Catnip Encourages Playtime: Contains nepetalactone that has a sedative effect, it boosts your cat’s energy to play thus, busting their boredom.

Promote Calmness and Ease Stress: Nepetalactone in catnip improve relaxation, which may boost mood and reduce anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness in your cat.

Reduce Cat’s Destructive Behaviour: Help prevent them from shredding furniture or breaking knick-knacks in their playtime by being the main focus of your cat’s attention.

Provides Comfort: Make your cat feel safe in its new environment. A cat goes through fear when it moves from one place or situation, but you can help by buying them some toys that willingly keep it entertained. A cuddle cat toy for kitty so they don’t get too lonely.

Promote Physical Activity: Encourages your cat to bat, bite, paw, kick, and play all day long!

Safe Cat Toy: Non-addictive cat toy that has no strings to ensure your cat’s safety while playing.

High Quality Material: Made of cat-friendly materials.

Adorable Design: Adorable real-life fish feature of your cat’s favourite playmate.

Only available in Australia

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