Pride Collar and Bowtie Set


We pledge to give 10% of our profits from the 'Pride Collection' to minus18 - an organisation that helps support LGBTQIA+ youth in Australia.

Collar size:

 Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
XXS 1.0 17.8-28.0
XS 1.5 20.3-30.5
S 2.0 26.3-40.6
M 2.5 34.5-55.9
L 3.2 40.6-60.0
XL 3.8 40.6-66.0

Bowtie size (length x width):

XXS/XS - 7.6cm x 4.6cm
S - 10.2cm x 5cm
M - 10.4cm x 6cm
L/XL - 12.5cm x 7cm

*Due to manual measurement, there may be minor discrepancies. The colour of the actual product may vary slightly*

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