Enclosed Cat Litter

$111.90 $159.90


- Foldable and portable: collapsible design to enable easy storage and saves space. Easily pack the litter box for your travels.

- One-way entrance: to prevent cat litter from escaping and spilling everywhere on the floor. Your paw-friend will only be able to enter from the front entrance and will have to exit via the top open space - so that cat litter stuck on your cat's paw will be able to fall through the top of the case back into the litter box.

- Easy to clean - drawer design; pull out the drawer to shovel/exchange cat litter.

- Large interiors for your cat's comfort.

- Enclosed cat litters are generally more hygienic and keeps litter odour from escaping the box.

Size: 48cm x 40cm x 38cm

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