Calming Vest

$25.90 $32.90

Our paw-friends are sometimes afraid of loud noises and that includes travelling in lifts, cars, thunderstorms, fireworks and the likes. 

Made out of comfortable, breathable material, this vest works perfectly to help keep your pet feeling safe and secure.

Suitable for paw-friends of various sizes!

Easily washable - by hand/washing-machine

 Size Neck circumference (cm) Chest circumference (cm) Weight (kg)
XS 25-35 33-43 4.5-9.0
S 36-45 43-58 8.0-15.0
M 46-55 58-68 13.9-27.0
L 56-66 68-78 27.0-36.0
XL 66-78 78-94 34.0-50.0


*Due to manual measurement, there may be minor discrepancies. The colour of the actual product may vary slightly*

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